Organizational Assessment & Intervention

Organizations are composed of people. They can only be productive if their people are communicating with each other effectively. By improving their communication skills, managers and employees can increase their effectiveness in facilitating meetings, strengthening work teams, aligning strategic plans, making sales presentations, and reducing conflict. Dramatic Strides® Consulting will help you assess your organization’s human interaction needs and implement targeted business solutions that work.

Effective Communication & Presentation Skills Training / Coaching

Research shows that the majority of communication effectiveness depends upon your visual impact. Dramatic Strides® Consulting focuses on developing both the verbal and nonverbalcommunication skills that are vital for conducting meetings, making presentations, supervising others, and engaging in other face-to-face business interactions. Learn the effective listening skills and conflict resolution techniques that are necessary for successful communication in the workplace.

Creative Problem Solving / Group Facilitation

Does your organization sometimes feel “stuck” in the “same old rut?” Are you dealing with an organizational problem that seemingly has no clear solution? Dramatic Strides® Consulting can help you break that cycle through creative, problem-solving workshops that utilize interactive activities to help decision-making groups think “out of the box.” Learn how to develop innovative, yet achievable goals and strategies by tapping into the hidden creativity that lies just beneath the surface in many organizations.

Active Team Building Workshops

Effective teamwork is based on trust, interdependence, equal participation, and individual accountability. Dramatic Strides® Consulting conducts fun, interactive group exercises that help team members learn more about each other, develop trust, and gain insight and skills that can be translated back into the workplace. Learn how to function more effectively and collaboratively as a work team and how to handle potential interpersonal conflicts.

Organization-Wide Strategic Planning

 Your organization can only move ahead if all of your people are moving in the same direction and know where they are going. Using the One Page Business Plan™ process, Dramatic Strides® Consulting will help you identify your organizational vision, mission, objectives, strategies and plans, and will work with you to get all of your people aligned around your major business initiatives.